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 Pool renovate & remodel 

Your pool is a permanently installed structure. It is a living and breathing form of art that is constantly exposed to the elements of nature. Over time, wear and tear can damage the aesthetic qualities of your pool.

We can help you choose the right materials for your particular project to bring your pool back to life or to completely change the way your pool environment feels.

here's our simple process

pool renovation companies

the current measurements are carefully taken and project parameters are established

pool repair contractors

the design is created in 3D for optimal visualization and ready for your review

pool renovation contractors

the desired materials are selected and samples are approved

swimming pool renovation company

renovation officially begins: here is the point where the pool starts becoming a new or refreshed object 

pool plastering services

materials and supplies are brought in

pool renovations

the equipment is prepared and updated with the latest in pool tech


swimming pool repair

pool automation is connected, giving you full control of your pool in the palm of your hand


Swimming pool.png

now your remodeled pool is ready to provide many more years of relaxation, fun, and, of course, swimming

what materials can we help you replace?


  • plaster

  • tile and,

  • coping


  • water features

  • fire features

  • fire pit

  • decking

  • etc.

what will it take to get your pool looking whale again?

A whale has recieved your message from the bottom of the ocean and will conact you shortly. Thank you!

whale pools
whale pools

Gray Quartz Plaster with Natural Tile

LIght Blue Plaster with Blue Pebble 

& Modern 1X2 Tile

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