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A healthier, happier, swimmable life designed and built for you. 

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Your pool, whale designed & built

A pool brings you into the modern times, it is the place in your home where you craft the future, engage in deep thought, and where family and friends are always welcome.

Here's the process to create the perfect swimming pool. 

3D Pool Design.png

Design phase:  the vision is accurately rendered in 3D, down to the smallest of details

inground pools

Desired materials are selected and samples are approved

Pool Excavation.png

Construction begins: here a life without a pool now becomes a thing of the past

how to build a pool

The heart of the system is prepared: the equipment is installed

swimming pool contractors

VR Pool Tour: 

Immerse yourself into the pool environment virtually


pool construction companies

Once the right design is created, build plans are drawn and permits are secured

swimming pool financing

Construction materials & supplies are brought in

swimming pool installation

The pool's automation is programmed, giving you full control the pool in the palm of your hand

Swimming Pool.png

Now your Whale created pool is ready to enjoy.

Crafting lifelong memories, staying healthy by swimming, and living happily by the water is one step away in your backyard retreat.

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Healthily Swim!

Stay fit with your swim-in-place system perfectly integrated into your pool design.

Swimming helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs while being low impact to the body;

swimming is the best!

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pool financing solutions


Good to know info

  • We'll work with you to provide flexible payment terms and contractual agreements.

  • Contact us to find out more about financing options.

  • Our outdoor living pool designs are crafted based on many factors including: your preferences and likes, the architecture of the home, the landscape around the pool area, and any restrictions placed on the land (easements, etc.). 

  • Modern and contemporary pool designs are our specialty; re-envisioning the conventional pool and thinking of the limitless possibilities is what drives our passion to create differently.

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All Videos

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honestly, we simply love pools; getting to bring pools to the world is an amazing thing to do!

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