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Hayward pool pump installation

pool pump replacement

Swimming Pool Pump

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need to replace your pool pump?

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Pump Install Anchor

whale, let's keep it simple. these are the steps...


best swimming pool pumps

send us a photo of your current pool pump

pro series pool pump replacement

and, we'll help you choose the perfect replacement pool pump

we'll then,

in ground pool pump replacement

quickly deliver your new pool pump

pool pump installation cost

remove/haul away the old pool pump

and install the...

pool pump installation service

water plumbing

(we replace the hi-temp unions)

hayward pool pump installation

high voltage electrical line

(we replace the whole conduit)

swimming pool filter pump

communication cable to the control panel (VS Pumps)

most efficient pool pump

lastly, your new pump is tested. Your water circulates efficiently like new and is ready for a fun day at the pool.

pool water pump

 top performing, efficient pumps 




TriStar® VS

intelliflo xf installation



fair price guarantee



fair price guarantee

pool booster pump installation



fair price guarantee

more info

electrical: your new pump electrical cord/conduit/whip will be replaced, even the connectors will be replaced. Also, we'll make sure to properly bond your new pump to the bonding grid.

comm wire: (for VS pumps only) we'll connect the communications wire from your VS pump to the system control panel or pump controller.

plumbing: we'll either install new hi-temperature PVC unions or hi-temp Schedule 80 PVC pipe to your new pool pump.

ordering: we can typically bring the new pump and install it within the same day or next day from when the order is placed.

pictures: sending us a picture of your current pump will help us help you in finding the right replacement pump. also, it'll remove the need for us to do an on-site inspection which will speed up the process. speaking of pictures, if you're not home, we can update you throughout the installation by sending you pictures.

warranty: after the installation, we'll take care of registering you new pool pump with the manufacturer to secure your extended warranty. we'll make sure to properly install your pump according to the manufacturer's specs. Ask us how to extend the warranty even more!

pool pump installation
pool pump service
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