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LED Pool Light Installation

Same Day Installation

Free, Same Day Delivery

whale, let's keep it simple. these are the steps...


snap a photo of your current pool and/or spa lights and send us the pic

then, we'll help you choose the correct and perfect new bright LED pool lights, with either White or Color-Changing options

once we select the best LED pool light, we'll happily dive into the pool to remove the current old lights and begin installing the new, more efficient and safer lights

once the pool light is securely installed in place, we'll connect the new electrical line to the power source

once connected, we will test the electrical voltage for safety and durability

the lights will then be connected to the pool's control system so that you may have the ability to easily select the pool light color choice with the touch of a button

now you'll be able to enjoy the various colors as they illuminate your pool, giving a resort-like experience in your own backyard

whale, what are you waiting for? 

send us a message and we'll quickly send you a quote

A whale has recieved your message from the bottom of the ocean and will conact you shortly. Thank you!

already ordered your LED pool lights from an online retailer?

we can help install that too!

more info

Same day pool and/or spa light installation applies only to select greater Houston areas

All electrical wiring will be done according to the manufacturer's specifications and according to electrical code

Pool and spa light repairs are first diagnosed to find the necessary steps to fix the lights. Once we pinpoint the issue, we fix or replace the necessary parts (bulbs, gaskets, etc.)

Same day installation and delivery is scheduled based on a first-call-first-serve basis. If all reservations are filled that day, then your LED pool and spa light replacement will be reserved to be done first the very next day 

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