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Pool Inspection Request

Ok, we'd love to inspect your pool!
Do you also want the leak detection service to check the plumbing underground?

Our Pricing Schedule

Visual Inspection Only, Includes:

  • Checking for cracks, loose material, odd installations of plaster, tile, coping, decking. 

  • Testing for functionality of: equipment (pumps, filters, pool lights, heaters, automation systems.) We'll check to find out if those components turn on/off properly and if they perform their functions correctly. 

  • Look for visible leaks on exposed plumbing at the equipment pad, look for accumulated water spots on grass around the pool. 

  • Look for algae growth on pool, look at the pressure readings, look for water flow, and check the basic water chemistry readings.

  • We'll take pictures of our findings and sent them to you in a report.

Starts at


Thorough Inspection, Includes:

Everything in Visual Inspection Only, Plus:

  • If any equipment should not turn on or operate correctly, we'll take it apart and run it's specific diagnostic and/or troubleshooting procedures to find out exactly what needs to get done to get that equipment running/functioning correctly.

  •  We'll run a full water chemistry analysis to check for proper water balance. 

  • We'll disassemble the 3-port valves to check the o-rings, the filter to check the state of the cartridges or grids inside. 

$200 Minimum if 2 Hours or Less.


Extra hours are at $65 per hour.

Leak Detection Inspection:

If you'd like to find out if the pool has any leaks in the underground plumbing, we'd have to also schedule a Leak Detection service which requires specialized equipment. 

This is a separate price. Prices vary by size of pool, and additional requirements.

Starts at


Have any questions: 
Email here:

Or text here: (832) 335-3058

Photos are helpful, send them to us if you have any. Thank you.

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