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Pool Pump Motor Replacement_Whale Pools.

Freezing Weather Alert: Greater Houston 

Pool pipe burst after last week's freezing temps and need a repair ASAP?

We're standing by and ready to help get your pool back in working condition. 

We've made the process easy...

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1: Send us a pic of the leaking or burst pool Pipe

2: We'll schedule the repair and head over

3: We'll get to work and have your pool up and running

OK, let's get started, just fill out this form...

Contact form leak

Or just text us...

(281) 602-8335

Looking forward to it! 

Prevention Tips

If you have electricity

  • Set the system to 'Freeze Protect' (for Digital Smart Systems)

  • Remove the pins from the clock and flip the switch to the 'On' position. (for mechanical clock systems)

These actions will allow the system to operate throughout the freezing temps which will prevent ice from forming in the pipes. The high pressure water flowing through the pipes will keep the ice away.

If you have no electricity

  • Turn off all the breakers to the pool panel

  • Do not turn on the pool equipment until a couple of days after the freeze

Ice will likely form in your pipes through the freeze; this action will prevent the system from kicking back on accidentally when your power source comes back on. If the pumps turn on when ice is in the pipes, then there's a change for bursting pipes.

In any case, if possible, cover the exposed equipment and pool pipes from the elements. This is not necessary and is a preventative measure.

Prevention tips

Need Help?

Free repair service for Houston Familes In Need

We want to help our city get back up from this unconventional weather. So we have started providng Pro-Bono, free repair services, for families in need. We're limited on how many free jobs we can do per day at the moment. 

Please text us at the number above and let us know of your unique situation, we'll do a team meeting to find out how we can help you get your pool back to a great condition. 

We're doing our best to keep up with the amount of repair work requests we have received so far. Please contact us as soon as you can. 

-The whale pools team.

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  • Instagram- whale_pools
Free Repair Help
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