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Pool Pump Motor Replacements

pool motor repair

Swimming Pool Pump Motor

Same Day Installation

Free, Same Day Delivery

need to replace your pool pump motor?

great, we can definitely help!

just fill out this form and we'll get started

pool pump motor service houston

A whale has recieved your message from the bottom of the ocean and will conact you shortly. Thank you!

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whale, let's keep it simple. these are the steps...


pool motor repair

send us a photo of your current pool pump motor

pool motor installation

and we'll help you choose the perfect new pump motor

pool pump delivery

quickly deliver your new pool pump motor

pool pump repair

remove/haul away the old pump motor

we'll then,

and install the...

hayward pool pump motor

replacement mechanical seal, o-rings, and gasket

pool pump motor repair

high voltage electrical line

(we replace the whole conduit)

a o smith pool motor replacement

communication cable to the control panel (VS motors)

century centurion pool pump

and: once all parts are replaced, we'll reassemble the pump together

swimming pool pump repair

lastly, your pool pump motor is tested and it is ready to circulate water efficiently, quietly, and effectively

swimming pool pump motor

pool pump motors

mechanical seals

seal_03 whale pools.gif
type_g seal whale pools.gif

more info

same day install: we'll bring with us the right motor and have it installed the same day or the next day from when the order is placed.

electrical wiring: we'll replace the conduit/wiring/whip for your new motor and we replace the connectors as well. also, we'll make sure that the motor is properly bonded.

mechanical seal: we always replace the mechanical seal when we replace a motor. optionally, we can also replace all of the orings and gaskets of your complete pump.

VS motors: if replacing a variable speed motor, we'll make sure to connect the communications wire to it's controller or automation system

warranty: new motors come with a standard (one) year warranty

Pool Pumps: if you're looking to replace your complete pool pump, please check out our pump section at:

pool motor replacement
modern pools motor repairs
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