VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology allows for maximum hydraulic efficiency and energy savings.

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Here's how the JXi with VersaFlo works

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here are the specifications


The Total Package Pool & Spa Heater The JXi sets a new standard in pool and spa heating technology with its ultra-compact size, lightweight design, and installation flexibility, making it a top choice for pool professionals and pool owners everywhere. The high-efficiency, low-NOx JXi pool and spa heater is available in 399K BTU, and offered in natural gas. Pro-driven features for the fastest, most customer-friendly pool heater installation include: Ultra-compact, 2'x2' footprint for small space requirements and maximum installation flexibility* Lightweight design, weighs less than 126 pounds unpackaged, for easy maneuverability and transport Best retrofit option, no plumbing adjustments required for quick and easy replacement of Mastertemp® and Max-E-Therm® heaters 84% thermal efficiency rating and low-NOx design surpasses strict DOE energy-efficiency requirements** VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology for JXi available installed from the factory Offers up to 20 percent additional energy savings*** Automatic actuation of flow bypass valve is based on call for heat and does not require human interaction The flow bypass valve is integrated into the JXi's header, requiring no external plumbing modifications The hydraulic savings of VersaFlo make it the perfect complement to Versa Plumb®, which reduces plumbing costs and maximizes energy efficiency in the smallest footprint available *Refer to JXi manual for proper heater clearances that may apply.
**Click here for Department of Energy ratings
***Versus a similar system without VersaFlo .


  • High-Efficiency Gas Train and Heat Exchanger Design

  • Copper fin heat exchanger tubes for efficient heat transfer
  • Single stainless steel burner with robust design
  • Blower-driven gas and air mix for reliable performance
  • Hot surface ignitor for consistent start-ups
  • Ultra-Compact Lightweight Design - Easy to store, transport, and install, the JXi pool and spa heater is 38% lighter with a 28% smaller footprint. *Smaller footprint compared to major competitor models
  • Flexible Installation - 180° rotatable top so you never need to rotate headers.
  • Versa Plumb-Ready - Installation in the Versa Plumb system reduces plumbing costs and increases energy efficiency, all using the smallest footprint available. Sweep elbow included in all JXi models
  • Easy Access - Electrical panel flips up for ease of service.
  • Easy Replacement - 3-port header for easy plumbing and drop-in replacement of MasterTemp, Max-E-Therm, and Jandy Pro Series pool heaters.
  • Sidewall Ventilation - Provides versatility and ease of installation.
  • User-Friendly Control - Digital interface for effortless temperature control and diagnostics with run-time and cycle meter.

Technical Details

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel header bar for extreme heat exchanger durability.
  • Venturi-driven air and gas mix for enhanced performance.
  • Reliable, balanced flow and temperature control with thermal regulator valve.
  • Differentiated limit switches meet applicable product safety standards.
  • Corrosion-resistant temperature sensors for reliable operation.

VersaFlo Model

JXI400NK Jandy Pro Series, JXi Pool Heater, 400K BTU Natural, With VersaFlo Bypass Firing Rate: 399K BTU Heater Width: 22.9" Vent Diameter: 8" Depth: 22.1" Height: 26.5"
Weight: 126 lbs Minimum GPM: 30 Max GPM: 100

what's included with the installation?

delivery of the JXi heater

gas line installation

electrical connection

removal of the old heater

water plumbing installation

communications cable installation

now you'll be able to heat your pool and spa dependably and efficiently.

please let us know if you have any questions, we would love to help!


JXI Brochure

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