We keep your pool, Whale maintained

a professionally simple weekly pool cleaning & maintenance service. here's what is included:



equipment monitoring

monthly filter backwashing


water balancing

basket cleaning

digital service reports

preventative maintenance services:

auto cleaner repairs

scheduled filter cleanings

Whale, let's get started!

sign up today to get a quote and a complementary, on-site, complete pool water chemistry test!

frequently asked questions

why choose Whale Pools?

Well, to put it simply, we like to do our work professionally because we only want you to focus on jumping in your pool! Being true pool pros means that we honestly love to care for our pools, which means that we do our weekly maintenance correctly every time. We will always test the water, brush the walls, vacuum the pool & skim the surface. We will do this process every single time even when the pool already looks sparkly clean, simply because the human eye can't see the organic biofilm that grows on the walls, the chemical fluctuations that occur in the water, or the microscopic debris that settles to the bottom of the pool. You'll notice the difference in the clenliness of your pool because we only hire experienced pool maintenance pros who trully are passionate about pool care.

How is billing done?

We try to keep it simple and easy for you, so we email you 1 invoice per month with the option of paying securely online.

Is there a contract?

Once we agree on a fair price, a firm handshake is all we need here. We truly believe in the quality of our service and in trust.

What areas do you cover swimming pool maintenance?

For weekly pool maintenance, we currently cover: Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Katy, Pearland, Central & Southwest Houston.

How's the price for maintenance calculated?

Every pool is uniquely different, so to come up with a fair price we take into consideration a multitute of variables like: Gallons of water in the pool. State and type the pool equipment. Environment/landscaping around the pool. How often the pool is used. State of the pool plaster. Location of the pool (route efficiency). etc.

Perks? Benefits?

There are plenty of perks and benefits to being signed up with our weekly pool maintenance service. Water Balanced: We keep the pool chemistry balanced and the pool clear year round so that you may freely jump in to the pool at any time. Priority Service: Equipment, plumbing, leak, electrical repairs will get done quickly and simply for you. Discounts: You'll enjoy steeply discounted prices on services like equipment repairs & replacements, re-plastering & pool remodeling. Free Stuff: Occassionally we'll cover the costs of minor replacement items like baskets & o-rings

About the digital service reports...

We keep track of your pool digitally and can send you reports upon completion of our maintenance visits each week. Our pool-owners love to receive their weeky pool reports through email because it tends to be more convenient than paper door hanger reports, and it is also better for the environment. You'll receive an email letting you know that your pool has been cleaned.


our pool maintenance specialists are experienced and trained to care for your pool


pool service should be simple. we strive to make your pool ownership experience fast, easy, & simple

fair price guarantee

we know our prices are great and we'll match or beat other comparable offerings


we believe trust is our best asset so we'll always treat your pool as we would our own

we happily serve the greater Houston area

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